Sunday, August 28, 2011

Kitchen Chalkboard

About a year ago Brad and I lived in the most darling little house. It had glass door knobs, beautiful windows, and GREAT character! This house was built in the 30's people!! Well they decided to tear it down... awful right? But before they did, they let us take anything we wanted from the house! We left with 8 sets of door knobs, 7 doors, and nine windows!
After a lot of thought, and a lot of laziness, I actually tried to make something with one of the windows.
I wanted a chalkboard for my kitchen, and I did it!
My friend Reta and I grabbed our favorite windows, taped them off, and with a can of

This is what we came up with... and I love it!

Thank you to SEAN WALLIS for taking your time and antiquing the edges! You're the best!
I loved this project so much, I seriously want to chalkboard everything! Tables, beds, walls.... EVERYTHING!
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