Monday, May 2, 2011

Bottle 'em up.... family style!

I was browsing craft blogs when I stumbled on this little gem. I WILL make this. I found the Idea from the FunkyJunkInteriors.
I have always wanted to do genealogy and learn more about my family history, but never have really known how, or had time. Not that putting up a few pictures will feed my desire to learn more about my family, but it sure hits the sweet spot! I love pictures, old pictures in particular.
I asked my grandma to send some pictures to me. Including early pictures of my mom, my grandmas wedding, and even my Great Grandparent's day to day pictures! I cant wait till they come and I can look through them all!!
As for the bottles....... no luck at the D.I yet...... but I haven't lost faith! I did find a bunch at the antique store but each bottle was about 12 dollars... and I'm kinda on a budget here!

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