Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pattern Love

I bought this pattern over six months ago and hadn't ever found the time to use it. I'm SO glad I did. This little darling dress took me about 2 days, off and on (whenever the kids were sleeping)! 
I forgot my love for patterns! 
I cant even remember the last time I used one, but this wont be the last!
Look at the cute detail on the sleeve!
and the side detail... ahhhh!
Anyway, I guess my whole reason for this post is to get you to love patterns too!!
 I think I went through a stage were I thought everyone of my ideas had to be original, and really I still can. NO one has this dress in this pattern... and I through in a little belt to pull it all together. So seriously have fun when you sew, don't burn yourself out. Take a couple days off and on finishing a project, so you still have time to take the kiddos to the park!

PATTERN USED      McCalls M6321

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  1. So cute!! I am always too nervous to make a dress for myself. Great idea about the sewing classes!!