Wednesday, April 20, 2011

You'll be COOKIN!!!

I was walking around a cute little shop the other day with my mother in law, and found this darling apron! Not that I cook, but I do plenty of dishes! This apron is the perfect height to keep all that nasty water, on the edge of the sink off my clothes! Plus who wouldn't want to look stylish while doing the dishes???
Don't tune out if your not as excited as me about a apron... this also make a great little girls dress! I know right!! Lil tried on the apron the other day... and it was stinkin AWESOME she did... because it looks little girl (just like her mama).

Now I don't have the BEST tutorial on this, but honestly this is not a project you have to be exact on, so just have fun!
You'll need:

I used about 1 yard of fabric for the bottom ruffle

1 yard of fabric for the middle ruffle
1/2 a yard for the top ruffle.
Top band
For the top band, and both the side ties I used 1/2 yard of white fabric.
Side ties
Slip the raw edges in between the binding and sew. Do this to all 3 layers. As shown in image 5.

Now I used already doubled folded bias tape, but if you want to save a little money you can make your own binding, or you can just hem all the edges, of each layer.

You can also do a cute cross stitch, pretty much whatever your heart desires...that's what I did!

When the binding is on all layers, baste them together, close to the top. This is just to keep them together when sewing on the band. set aside.

Take each of your side tie pieces, and with right sides together sew down the side 5/8 seam. About 3 inches from the end, sew at a diagonal, making a pointed edge. Trim off the seam. Turn right side out and press.

Press in 1 inch on both sides of the top band. Then press in slightly the other two sides.

Fold wrong sides together and press. (to make it easier later, allow one edge to be slightly higher then the other)

Pin the band over your skirt, making sure that the longer side is pinned to the back. This helps you make sure you will catch the back fabric when you sew.

Before sewing also tuck in the side ties. Pin and sew around the entire top band.



  1. SO SO SO SO cute! You are a genius! I love it on you, but I love it on Lil too.

  2. Seriously the cutest thing ever!!

  3. Hi Brittany, just loving what you did with the apron idea..little Lil looks so sweet in it too! Beautiful refreshing colours as well.