Sunday, April 10, 2011

Teapot Lamp

If you have followed my personal blog, you would know my love for the thrift store.
Well I have come across a blog of very talented women who also shares the same love for the DI!
She takes old dressers, lamps, pretty much anything you can think of, and turns it into AMAZINGNESS! I want to go shopping in her house! She recently was featured on the 
Her style is AWESOME, and I will continue to feature some of her projects on my blog.
 You can see still shots of her house HERE.
So now that I've gotten my obsession out in the air, I want you to see a project I recently did of hers. The teapot lamp. This was one of the easiest projects I have done, and fun. I also loved that I got to do it with Brad, ( I let him drill the holes, and wire the lamp :)
I got all my teacups, bowls, and teapot from the DI for 50 CENTS!!
This is how it turned out. To see the tutorial visit Vintage Revivals, for the breakdown! I used her grey and yellow design because it best matched my house, but there are so many varieties and options! The only advise I think you should definitely not stray from is the type of drill bit she used. I used the same kind, but a different brand.... DON'T. You will end up back at Home Depot, an hour later... promise :)

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